Ui Concept + Adobe Xd

Siline: Food Ordering

Project Notes

For this project, I was approached by a client to conceptualize and prototype a food ordering app which they named Siline (pronounced sigh-line).

This process consisted of working directly with the client to captivate their vision for the app’s design and user flow. The prototype would later be used in conjunction with a slide deck to pitch to an investor for financial backing.

Programs Used

Adobe Xd
Adobe Illustrator

The Process

Research & Mark

Knowing the industry this app would be involved in, I researched color theory and visual cues that encouraged taste or the desire for food.

From there, I sketched and refined the mark until we narrowed down the design my client had envisioned.

User Journey

My client had a general idea of how they wanted users to engage with the app. My job was to interpret that into a user flow since there were specific interactions they wanted users to have.

The two main interactions we focused on were how users ordered and picked up food and how group orders were achieved.


Once the flow chart was designed, I built a prototype using Adobe Xd.

After further refinement to the flow, I exported the Xd document as a shareable prototype and created a slide deck that my client could use when pitching to investors.