Web Design + Wordpress


Project Notes

For this project, I operated as the Ui Lead working on a team that included a Creative Lead and Photo/Video Lead.

This opportunity was exciting because we were given full confidence and freedom to use our expertise. Our main priorities were to analyze, restructure, and refresh.

Programs Used

Adobe Xd

The Process


Thankfully Milestone had already set up Google Analytics on their current site which rapidly answered several User Experiences questions.

One key indicator that stood out were mobile and desktop users. This reaffirmed that “mobile-first” would be at the forefront of our design process.

User Journey

Using the data we collected from their analytics, and determining the opportunities we wanted to give their customers, we structured out a macro User Journey map.

Low Fidelity, Mobile First

Keeping the User Journey in mind, I sketched out the low fidelity mocks starting with the mobile view first.

I started with the homepage and a content page that we could modularize.


Starting with the Mobile mocks and working up to Desktop and Tablet was easier, but it still required attention to details and element placement.

Elevated Mark

Milestone has an established presence in the DFW area, but their current mark is lacking clarity.

Lifting key graphics from the previous mark provided a refreshed tone within the brand.

Fonts & Colors

Consistency and hierarchy were two large pieces they were missing from their current website.

Our goal was to condense the use of several fonts to one and to provide them with a structure for their color palate.

Wireframe & Prototype

Bringing all the pieces together, we set out to build a multipage wireframe, prototyped in Adobe Xd, to present to the marketing director for approval.

WordPress Development

Once we received approval for the prototype, we successfully built out and developed the design within a WordPress environment.