Howard Hughes + Appian

Business Process Management System (BPM)

Project Notes

Howard Hughes needed a new BPM system to automate several operations within their industry. Similar to their Employee Intranet, this platform connects existing systems that have deeper integrations.

To briefly note, building this BPM system helped me to better understand and engage with “corporate” influences. This project also required high amounts of collaboration between our team and the other organizations.

Programs Used

Adobe Xd
Adobe Illustrator

The Process


Howard Hughes signed on with Appian to be our unified platform. As the Ui Lead, I needed to familiarize myself with Appian’s very unique “low code” design system.

This isn’t your standard HTML/CSS which made this a real challenge.

Wireframes & Prototypes

At Howard Hughes, I worked closely with our Ux Lead in creating wireframes and prototypes.

These were then handed off to Macedon, who provided the developers contracted to assist in implementing our designs.


Appian’s “low code” system was not built around responsive design, which meant we needed to create separate mockups specifically for mobile.

Feedback Analysis

We relied heavily on BCG to assist in generating surveys, gathering UAT data, and visualizing that data for our digital task force meetings.

Development & Collaboration

In tandem with providing developer mockups to Macedon, we met weekly with the head designers of Appian to stretch the functionality of the platform.