Howard Hughes + Bynder

Brand Portal | Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Project Notes

With such an expansive portfolio of assets at Howard Hughes, it’s difficult to store and access content across the regions. There have been many times I’ve been looking for a specific photo and wound up instead with an email chain with no success.

This project was meant to democratize the content of our assets and provide easy access for our employee base.

Programs Used

Adobe Xd

The Process


I conducted extensive research by consulting directly with Bynder’s development team as well as thoroughly studying their Knowledge Base.

This step also included understanding who would be gaining access to this platform and what I could do to connect them to the content.


As the Ui Lead to create the dashboard for the DAM, I needed to understand the current design system that Bynder had already setup.

Once I was familiar with the system and level of customization, I produced low fidelity sketches.


Using the low fidelity sketches, modular high fidelity wireframes were created.

A few renditions of the wireframes were used to confirm the layout of the dashboard with executives.


Lastly, I converted the wireframes into mockups with our current brand colors and imagery.

From here, I continued to consult with Bynder’s development team to execute the design.