Howard Hughes + Interact

Employee Intranet

Project Notes

Howard Hughes was looking for a platform that would unify a majority of their systems while providing a level of communication for their employees.

The road to launch this product was long, and it involved several meetings with executives and a few sleepless nights. In the end, we successfully launched what Howard Hughes refers to as HHU.

Programs Used

Adobe Illustrator

The Process


The workflow included critical steps such as understanding our user base, building personas, prototyping, and conducting UAT surveys.

The Human Resource department was leading the development of the intranet, which meant we needed to align with all other departments on the moving parts of this project.


This platform was set to become the new home of critical dates, core documents, along with a digital request system and so much more.

All desired information and functionality needed to be collected before going any further.


We analyzed all the information and actions we wanted to include, and from there, we developed a User Journey on the macro level by creating a Sitemap.

Sketches & Wireframes

Using low fidelity sketches, we set out to wireframe and prototype our mockups in Sketch.

From there, we teamed up with the Interact developers who helped implement our designs.


Leaders at Howard Hughes wanted a fresh take on the current name HHU by creating a new mark for the new system.

After several rounds of sketches and refinements, we produced a modular isometric mark.