Current and Past


“The best journey of life is to discover
new thoughts, new ideas, and new hopes.” Debasish Mridha


Creating local and
On-Demand Geofilters.

Learning to merge graphic design and social media in a beautiful combination takes time and effort. With millions of people using Snapchat, I was driven to influence the social world around me by crafting on the local Geofilters in global communities.

Website Design

Specializing in HTML/CSS
and WordPress.

An intuitive user interface is crucial when conveying information. Being able to find where you are, what you need and where you need to go is key. Content for users must not only accomplish their desired tasks but enhance their overall experience.

Jason Harper NM | Visual Society | Soapbox Agency (Launching Soon) | Derek MillerMazed N’ Confused

Screenshots reflect the design of the website at the time the screenshot was taken.


Powerful messages are
shared in a photo.

Photography to me has always been about capturing the moment. I believe everyone is beautiful or handsome and deserves to feel special in front of the camera. Precious time goes into editing each photo, but I strive to shoot for a natural appeal straight out of the camera.

Promotional Advertising

Make a great
first impression.

The two biggest impressions are your first and your last. Often times your brand or promotion plays a large part in what the general public will remember. What impression do you want to leave? Let’s create something that is both memorable and magical.

Custom Prints

Stick it to them
and make your own.

True design is meant to portray the reality that can’t be photographed. I have learned to express my thoughts and ideas through a fun and creative medium; sticker prints! I have come to love collecting stickers and seeing the imagination of the designer come alive.

Course Development

Breathing new life into the college curriculum.

Advancing college education through technology and exceptional design is my way of giving back to the academic world. Redesigning a course from the ground up will provide students with a cleaner environment to successfully complete their work.


Creating objects that
imitate the design
of another.

Imitation is the best form of flattery. Having learned to create a photorealistic watch was truly one of the most challenging designs I took upon myself. It pushed me to the next level in computer generated graphics which opened my eyes to the possibilities of Adobe Illustrator.

Vector Outlines

Vector Graphic

Original Photo