Packed at the MAX!

I was completely shocked by how many people showed up to the creative conference, Adobe MAX, in Las Vegas this last week. Over 12,000 people from around the world flew into Las Vegas for a week-long conference and I got to rub shoulders with the very best of them.

This conference was one the of best experiences of my life. This was the place to network for creatives on a personal level with industry professionals. During the general sessions and class sessions, I was able to tweet and interact with the various speakers and presenters. If you are not already you need to get your butt on Twitter! That social media platform alone is the most effective in engaging with the general public and professionals. Not only that but the networking opportunities were endless.

I sat down at a totally random table and I had a wonderful discussion with a woman from Los Angeles who was in desperate need of a graphic designer to replace their current one who was leaving. Within 3 minutes of visiting with her, we exchanged business cards and continued to have a wonderful discussion over lunch. Where else could you find two people in the same industry that could network so easily?

Let’s back things up a bit and talk about the drive. I drove with about 30 other people down to Las Vegas from Rexburg, Idaho. Time actually flew by pretty quick considering the fact that I slept most of the way. Overall it was about a nine to ten-hour drive straight through. During the conference, I talked with a man who had come all the way from Brazil to attend. He had spent almost two whole days flying up and riding buses to get to Las Vegas. This is a true industry that people from around the world make sacrifices to attend and participate.

There were so many things that I learned while attending this conference and I am looking forward to sharing them with you as I continue to publish these blog posts. If you have the time I would highly recommend that you click here to visit the Adobe MAX Online page where you can check out recorded sessions. My opinion on several of the sessions could enlighten you further on the creative experience I had in Las Vegas.

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