Got your head in the Creative Cloud?

How creative are you? Do you consider yourself to be a creative individual? How invested are you and your creativity? These were some of the questions I asked myself as I considered purchasing the Adobe Creative Cloud.

A few years ago Adobe released what they call a Creative Cloud. This is a service that you can subscribe to that allows you to have complete and total access to every program that Adobe offers. and it also includes free updates to the latest software. To me, this was definitely worth an investment. I am in the creative industry, I am producing content on a regular basis and I need quality programs that will help me produce that content, I thought this was the best option for me.

The first year of subscribing to the Creative Cloud as a student only cost $29 a month. After the first year goes up to $31 a month. As a  student that’s a pretty good deal because the regular price the Creative Cloud service for the average consumer is $50 a month. I definitely will be milking the student discount for as long as I am in school. When you calculate the total costs between a student and a regular consumer I am only spending $348 on the first year and $372 the following years while I am still in college. A regular consumer is paying $600 a year to use the Creative Cloud! If you’re reading this and you are a student do all that you can to pay the student price for as long as you can and save close to $250 each year!

According to, ever since the announcement of Creative Cloud in 2013 the adoption right by the general public has been tremendous. In 2013 user base for the downloaded products was 12.8 million people. In 2017 the user base for the Creative Cloud it is now estimated to be over 10 million people. (

As this industry standard continues to grow, ask yourself, are you going to be a part of something great, something creative and innovative?


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